AdiXein HFC  v.

adixein HFC is a utility that works with in conjunction with mgetty sendfax or HylaFAX to provide printing from Windows via a samba printer share.

Fax2Serve for Linux. Linux & Win Client  v.20031024

GUI Fax Manager for Linux MGetty+SendFax.


Islfax  v.0.1.4

Islfax is a web front-end for SANE and mgetty+sendfax which providesa simple interface for composing faxes.

TkScanFax  v.1.1.4

TkFax is a Tcl/Tk based GUI fax program supporting efax or sendfax.

Send Fax Doc  v.1.0

The Send Fax Doc is a free program for personal use giving you the ability to send tiff doc files from Windows using any data modem, fast, easy and free for personal usage.

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